Junior Area Results

Here are the results for our junior members competing in the area competitions this summer:


Stye jumping: Team 2nd

Individual placings: 

Theo Funnell 1st

Ella Stokes 6th.


(90 team)

Theo Funnell 1st individual

Ella Slade 2nd individual

Lilly hunt 6th individual

(80 team) consisted of Daniella Stevens, Riah Hutchins, Lola Olde, Yas Stevens.

(100) individual: 

Lilly Hunt 3rd individual.


Team 1st!! 

Theo Funnell 1st individual 

Bronte Stevens 1st individual

Harriet Michell 2nd individual 

Charlotte Jordan 3rd individual

(Individual rider): Daniella stevens 3rd.

Rider Test Team 1st. 

Theo Funnell 1st individual 

Harriet Mitchell 2nd individual 

Charlotte Jordan 3rd individual

Bronte Stevens 5th individual

To the championships!

Heading to champs are Theo, Ella as an area 90cm team, and Lilly as an area 100cm team for Eventing, and our dressage team and rider test teams, however Daniella will replace Harriett.

Sj style Theo as an individual.

Theo's pony Piper was the only area pony to have an individual win in all three area summer disciplines! Well done everyone.